Memories of Evelyn Miller

This blog is dedicated to the memory of our granddaughter, Evelyn Celeste Miller. Evey went missing July 1st and her body was recovered July 6th from the Cedar River near Floyd, Iowa. This venue will help celebrate the wonder that she was and also post up-to-date information on the wait for justice. If you have any information about the crime please contact the Floyd County Sheriff's Office at 1-641-228-1821 or e-mail me directly.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Information Overload

Evelyn Miller on Free Republic

The time has come when I just can't keep up with the rapidly developing events concerning Evey's case. I will try to post news article links on Free Republic as they develop.

Rather than trying to post further links here I will be posting things of a family nature for our friends who have been trying to follow me and commentary that I don't wish to have discussed on Free Republic. Please feel free to put any comment that you wish on the Free Republic site or e-mail me.

Sunday and today reports about Evey's home life were published in the Waterloo Courier and Globe Gazette. They make interesting reading and go into some of the DHS issues that we as a family are concerned about.

DHS Issue at Globe Gazette

Andy Christie, Evelyn's father, has not as yet been able to see any of the reports yet after making a formal request over two weeks ago.

Now the Governor has said he isn’t in a position to say whether that DHS report was complete or accurate. “The reports that were submitted in the Evelyn Miller situation suggested concerns expressed by family members, people who had an ax to grind, people whose credibility was a bit suspect. They were looked into,” Vilsack said.

My take is that the Governor feels that with the information known, the agency did what it was supposed to.

We'll let you know our opinion after we have seen and digested the reports. I don't want to speak ill if any person or agency unless it is deserved, neither do I wish to endorse their activities unless I have all of the facts before me.

There are definitely improvements to the DHS system that would make it more effective and I will elaborate on that area at a later time. For now everything should be focused on the investigation and bringing those responsible for Evelyn's death to justice.