Memories of Evelyn Miller

This blog is dedicated to the memory of our granddaughter, Evelyn Celeste Miller. Evey went missing July 1st and her body was recovered July 6th from the Cedar River near Floyd, Iowa. This venue will help celebrate the wonder that she was and also post up-to-date information on the wait for justice. If you have any information about the crime please contact the Floyd County Sheriff's Office at 1-641-228-1821 or e-mail me directly.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

About Casey Fredericksen - How I Feel

A reader sent me this e-mail:
Please explain to all of us why you defend Casey and Noel. I understand being Christian but even Jesus would say that Casey and Noel's behavior is way off base.

Casey is still a human being and as such he deserves the full legal respect due individuals under the law. He may indeed guilty of this despicable charge but that is up to the courts to determine. I do not believe that he had any connection to Evelyn's death.

Noel, even though she has not been charged with anything yet, deserves the same respect. I believe that she was criminally involved in some way with Evey's death. I do not know that she was - I believe that she was. She deserves, if they are due her, charges to be advanced, indictments to be issued and a trial to commence.

Our courts are due the privilege of judging people in this life and our Lord in the next.

When we individually judge others we are often dissapointed with error. I don't want any error committed in these matters. That is why I'm relying on the results of proper court proceedures to determine the outcomes. Should the court err then there is always the hereafter to correct the matter.

WHO-TV video interview with Grandfather.