Memories of Evelyn Miller

This blog is dedicated to the memory of our granddaughter, Evelyn Celeste Miller. Evey went missing July 1st and her body was recovered July 6th from the Cedar River near Floyd, Iowa. This venue will help celebrate the wonder that she was and also post up-to-date information on the wait for justice. If you have any information about the crime please contact the Floyd County Sheriff's Office at 1-641-228-1821 or e-mail me directly.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Grand Jury Update - Casey Indicted

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Indictment issued in Cedar Rapids and covered by the Globe Gazette with follow-up comments by readers.

The Federal Grand Jury in Cedar Rapids met again yesterday - new players called to testify. Andy was also on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren yesterday at 9:45 p.m. CDT

Des Moines Register
Cedar Rapids Gazette
Mason City Globe Gazette
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Free Republic

Were We Expecting This?
Yes, we we’re expecting the indictment. There seemed to be enough evidence to indict Casey based upon what I had heard from my son, Jeremiah and from the media. It is important to remember that Casey is innocent until proven guilty. We were sorry that he may have had that material on his computer, especially with three children in the home. I don’t know if this material has any direct or indirect relationship to the murder investigation that is in progress, time will tell. Casey passed a polygraph test early in the investigation of the murder. His alleged involvement with the pornography has placed increased strain on the families involved. We do pray that Casey and Noel cooperate fully with the law enforcement system in helping to solve Evey’s murder, it’s the least that they can do for her memory.